About Us

Our Story

On November 23, 2018, our lives changed.  Our Son Tyler took his own life on his 19th birthday.  He graduated from Quaboag High School in 2018, attended his first semester at Nichols College, had his own lawn care business and achieved much success in his 19 years with us.  He was well beyond his years.  He gave much of his time to charity events and serving his community.  He loved helping people.  He passed unexpectedly on his 19-birthday leaving his family, friends and all who knew him in complete shock.

We never knew that Tyler was struggling, which never gave us the opportunity to even try to help.  He wore a smile on his face, was a harder worker, and an intelligent young man with a promising future.  

In 2021 our community and family were affected by Covid beyond measure.  Still grieving the loss of Tyler and the effects of isolation, anxiety and depression, Tyler’s sister Grace passed away on May 19th, 2021.  This added an entirely new level of shock, pain and loss losing his beautiful, sweet, and compassionate sister, Grace.

This family has endured heartbreak beyond what most can imagine and yet continue to dedicate time and effort to make our story known to make a change. 

Our dedicated team has been impacted personally, not only through our story, but many personal experiences of their own.

It’s time for change!  Make Mental Health a priority and open the conversation with your family and friends so it becomes “O.K.” to talk about our feelings. 

Our Mission

Tyler and Grace made a statement that is now our mission.  Our mission is to bring awareness to mental health and encourage acts of kindness by bringing education and resources to our schools and communities.  Reaching at least one person, one family, and making a positive difference in their life would make our mission worthwhile.